Tour Through Russia

Moving on from Vietnam - our destination last week - we travel north to visit the largest country in the world, covering an incredible 11 time zones, where we will enjoy a rich history and a landscape filled with contrast. Visit Russia.

The Middle East is a region so rich in history and culture to which many travelers from around the world choose to travel, in a quest for an exotic exciting experience that won’t be easy to forget. Lebanon, a small Middle Eastern and Mediterranean nation, has an incredibly rich history dating back to thousands of years ago, making it a large open air museum. Despite its relatively small size, it does offer unique diversity, breathtaking natural wonders, and a mix of cultures and customs that isn’t found anywhere else in the region. Its capital city Beirut, has been nicknamed the “Paris of the Middle East”, and it really does live up to this name.. Lebanon offers you the opportunity to live a memorable experience and to gain a new perspective on this part of the world, and we, your favourite guides, would like to tell you how! After a long visit to numerous cities in Lebanon. I documented the best experiences lived in the country’s most captivating spots.

Volunteering has become an increasingly popular activity among globetrotters in the past decade. Whether looking to give something back to a good cause or simply having the desire to boost one’s resume, there are a wide variety of opportunities available. In this article, Leigh Woods, Project Manager at Youth Time provides insight into the murky world of wildlife volunteering. Through his extensive experience working with animals, he lends advice on how to avoid having your good intentions exploited in this progressively unreliable field. 

We love traveling. It’s also a fact with travel becoming easier we go to far away countries and come across people of different cultures. This  also throws up opportunities to try out different cuisines and local specialities. It’s a good idea to do away with the familiar and the usual fast food, be a little adventuresome and  try out the distinctive tasting local fares on the menus.

Flying is not only one of the safest ways of traveling,  but with the affordable tickets it is also very popular. One of the unpleasant aspects of flying is the possibility of a delay and being stuck at the airport for several hours if not overnight. But! Did you know there are compensations you can receive for this unpleasantness? Check out this article.

It was the fatal year of 1914 when Franz Ferdinand d'Este left his summer house in Chlum u Třeboně, and headed with his wife Sophie,  to Sarajevo. It also was here, a  few  days later, their three children learnt they had become orphans. Chlum u Třeboně can offer not just a rich trip into history, located in South Bohemia, near the Austrian border with a flat landscape filled with ponds, it offers  a beautiful summer vacation.

This relatively less known cultural centre and a historical city is just an hour away from Paris, close to the border with Belgium, by the fast train. The ride in the train is an experience in itself. The city which is a part of the Flandres  region bears a fair amount of Flemish look, most especially in the architecture in the older part known as Vieux Lille. Since the city is also well known for its education centres and the university, there is a teeming young population which contributes to the throb, energy and the cosmopolitan feel of the city.

It is time for Serbia again. Spring is coming, and Serbian towns and the Serbian countryside are reviving and awaiting tourists. Spring time in Serbia is perfect for visiting small towns with rich histories and green forests. Spring weather in Serbia is nice – not too warm and perfect for walking, sightseeing, and camping.

It is time for the hot and beautiful coast of Thailand, a country with a very long history, a rich culture, amazing beaches, nice people, and great cuisine. Thailand is a parliamentary monarchy with a king as the head of state. It is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never made a colony by a foreign power. Find out here about Bangkok – Thailand’s beautiful capital on the coast.

In the last article, I introduced you to a few of the most outstanding castles in Central Europe. Now I am going to introduce you to the region’s most beautiful winter resorts. These resorts are famous for stunning, snowy, mountainous scenery where you can use your time for winter hiking through forests, by lakes, and towards peaks. If you like skiing or snowboarding, there are many additional choices for your winter holiday in Central Europe. There are even some surprises which you will discover as you read.


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