This Smart Device Boosts Productivity


We live in a world of endless distractions. Between billions of web pages, thousands of television channels and a never-ending stream of social media messages, our always connected digital world has stretched our attention to the breaking point. With all of these distractions, it’s harder than ever to focus and get work done. This is where Saent comes in.

Saent is the world’s first smart device designed to make you more productive and do great work. Pressing the Saent button allows you to instantly focus, block out distractions and develop better work habits. It helps users reclaim their attention spans and makes it possible to lead better, more productive lives.


How it Works

Saent is designed around four core principles. The first principle is the stop distractions. When you tap the button to begin a focused work session, the Saent app blocks out distractions like social media sites and only lets you use websites and apps which are productive for your work. Whenever you try to switch to an unproductive application, a friendly reminder pops up instead, encouraging you to stay focused on your current task. 

The second principle is to optimize your work rhythm. Saent understands that frequent breaks keep your brain agile and creative. It helps you to work in 30, 50 or 90 minute blocks with breaks in between. The app then generates reports on the length, time and frequency of your successful work sessions in order to provide insights into when you are naturally most productive and do your best work.

Saent also rewards you for good work. Saent awards you points for each ten-minute block of focused work you’ve completed. Your Saent score allows you to compete with colleagues and provides a window into your productivity over time.

Finally, Saent creates a physical connection to productivity. It’s easy to forget about an app on your cluttered computer or phone, but the Saent button is a beautiful, physical reminder to stay focused. It’s a visual cue that helps you develop a new behavior, stick to it and monitor your progress. 

The Software

The Saent software is designed to do three things: Stop you from multitasking. find your ideal work rhythm and challenge yourself.Multitasking is a myth. Studies show that fewer than 3% of the population can actually handle multiple tasks at once. The rest of us just end up switching between assignments frantically causing us to produce lower quality work. The Saent app encourages you to commit your focus to a single task at a time, rather than spread your mental energy thin.

When it comes to finding your ideal work rhythm, it is great to focus on one task at a time but working for hours at a time on the same thing can be just as damaging to your work quality. Saent helps you work in short, focused sessions and stop for breaks in between. It helps you identify the best time of day and session length to maximize your performance and increase quality. 

Challenge yourself. Saent helps you challenge yourself. It tracks the times you are most productive giving you an overall productivity score. You can use this score to challenge yourself or your colleagues toward continual improvement.

How to Order

The Saent device is currently available for ordering via indiegogo. There are a number of perks available. After the initial indiegogo pretail campaign, the Saent hardware is expected to cost between $49 and $69 USD and the premium version of the software will cost between $5 and $10 USD per month. For more information click here.

Image Credit: Saent

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