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Fully Funded: Trust Conference

Trust Conference is an annual human rights forum committed to finding solutions to fight slavery, empower women, and advance human rights worldwide. The annual...

Scientist Nikola Rasevic: Ignore the Expectations of Others, Conquer the World...

Inspired by Nikola Tesla, Serbia’s Nikola Rasevic used to read books about one of the greatest minds in human history to learn more about the science and magic of electronics. Twenty-two years fast forward, Nikola is one of the youngest members of the Electronic Systems Department at the prestigious CERN (the acronym, in French, for the European Council for Nuclear Research) and is working shoulder to shoulder with some of the smartest people alive, designing Printed Circuit Boards. What these are, what a typical work day at CERN looks like, and more about his plans to perfect his ideas in Serbia, in an interview for Youth Time magazine.

Confucius Institute Chinese Language Scholarship 2019

To facilitate the promotion of Chinese language and culture, the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) launches “Confucius Institute Scholarship” (CIS).  Full coverage of tuition and accommodation fees, living allowance and medical insurance are provided. The deadline is on May 20, 2019.

Sandy Beaches And Fabulous Food – Bari Through Photographs

Sandy beaches, spectacular coastline by the Adriatic Sea, history, foreign students, tourists, good food and wine, temperate climate, relaxed atmosphere and sunny days a good part of the year. This is the port city of Bari.

Rich Historical Background And Some Of The Best Universities – University...

Not just history, as is the case with most European cities, Bari in Italy is also known for some of the best universities.The last time I made a mention of the universities in Bari to an acquaintance, the reaction was, Bari!? Are you sure? The answer is yes. And some of the very reputed ones too.