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Crowdfunding - The Most Interesting Projects That Got Supported

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Gone are the days when banks or Angel Investors were the only sources of money to start a business. Crowdfunding has became a motto for today’s entrepreneurs. The following list doesn't have the objective of highlighting the ones that pulled in the most money, but will rather draw attention to the most interesting, or the most useful respecting their potential impact on the average person.

While the project itself is important, your presentation skills and luck play a major role if you are to be successful in raising funds. So much so that some of the projects were able to garner funds way way beyond what they were looking for : 

Chris Roberts - Set out to look for 2 million dollars for his video game ended up collecting over 190 million dollars. 

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Elio Motors - With their project still what some would say on the drawing board for the design and production of a three wheeled vehicle has collected over a 100 million dollars. 

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Veronica Mars - A feature film collected over 5 million dollars. 


G-RO - This luggage project with their luggage equipped for charging of electronic devices raised more than 4 million dollars. 

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Fidget Cube - A desk toy. The promoters wanted 15,000 dollars and ended up collecting more than six million dollar.

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