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Meat Meals And Their Vegetarian Versions

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Vegetarianism is an individual form of catering, and the reasons for it vary from person to person. Nevertheless one thing is quite common, and that is the tendency to modify traditional meat dishes to meet vegetarian standards. Here there are some examples of such alternatives.

Vegetarian burger

Hamburger, as much as it doesn't seem to be, is one of the most replicated meat based meals, by vegetarians.

Example of a vegetarian burger can be found here.

Vegetarian "meatballs"

Vegetarian "meatballs" as the title says, might pose a challenge. Nevertheless, meatball can be not only vegetarian, but also variable if vegetarian.

Example of a vegetarian "meatballs" can be found here.

Shepherd's pie

Shepherd's pie is literally offering to be a vegetarian version, therefore here is an example of vegetarian Shepherd's pie.


Casserole is another rewarding meal that can be turned into a vegetarian dish, if you just don´t fancy meat. Here is an example.

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