If you are a fan of art, especially modern art, then you might want to check out these famous museums if you happen to be in one of the cities where they are located. Modern art is art’s fight against the mainstream and against photography and film - that is why it usually goes into abstraction or is represented in many different ways and forms. It is always interesting to see something new that you may or may not like but that will never leave you feeling indifferent. And you will under no circumstance experience indifference at these museums.

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Have you ever visited Russia, or if not, how much do you know about the country?  Russia is really fascinating, and you can get acquainted with its culture without actually visiting it.

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When you think about the cultures of different countries, you definitely consider their literature, music, architecture, food, symbols, and customs. But did you know that many extraordinary cultural traits that can be spotted... during weddings? Here are five interesting examples of unique wedding rituals from countries around the globe.

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It took radio 38 years to reach an audience of 50 million. Television needed 13 years to achieve that. The Internet needed just four years to get this number of users. This is just one of many fascinating facts about the Internet. Read on to discover some that you do not necessarily need to know but that will definitely keep you interested.

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The 51th International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary ended. A film called “Zoology” by young director Ivan Tverdovsky (27) obtained a special prize in the main competition. It is a tragi-fantastical story about a lonely, middle-aged woman from a small town in Russia who discovers that she has suddenly grown a tail ...

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The term plankton describes a variety of organisms passively floating in the sea, usually playing a role in the food chain. Some varieties of plankton – for example, certain cyanobacteria, protozoa or algae – have the ability to emit light, or bioluminescence. And that‘s what we would like to share with you with photographs of phosphorescent plankton from different parts of the world. Check out our gallery and indulge yourself in a spectacle of fabulous places graced with remarkable luminescent splendor.

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The world’s biggest David Bowie mural was unveiled and shown to the world in all of its beauty on May 28th. This project represents a four-month-long collaboration by Team Bowie, a group of David Bowie fans and art enthusiasts.

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Most of us really like social networks. To be more particular – Instagram. But have you ever wondered what the hashtags you use say about you? Well, we have all questioned it now and again. Now you have an opportunity to read the personality types which are connected to each hashtag.
This is delivered to you after years and years of thorough analysis. I'm working as a social media strategist and the analysis was made for my business.

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5/4/2016 - 12:00 am

Town Beneath A Giant Rock

Setenil de las Bodegas, a small town in the province of Cádiz, in Spain, would be indistingushable from other similar places in Andalusia if it weren't partially built into the rock.  This is not a place for people suffering from claustrophobia, because here the rock literally hangs over your head, and not everybody would appreciate that. But this unusual, iconic place attracts many tourists who visit the three-thousand population town out of simple curiosity. The usual approach of constructing dwellings on top of the rock here gave way to a different solution. The newly-arried Christians in the 15th century hid their dwellings under the overhang of the local rock. Check it out for yourself.


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28/3/2016 - 12:00 am

Bringing Poetry To Life

Words. The essential part of our lives. Words can move, motivate, and help us to try to understand the world. We use words to express emotions, to show appreciation, and spread love. And the big part of it is poetry. But let’s be realistic here. How many people actually read poetry these days? Thanks to Mexican poet Armando Alanís Pulido, things are changing for the better.

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