Kseniya Segina

Kseniya Segina

Journalist, photographer, traveller, member of the Union of artists of Russia. I live in Russia, but work in Milan, Paris and Barcelona also, as fashion and streetstyle photographer. I have huge experience in interviewing people, writing articles about art, fashion, movies, music and events, because in the past I was an editor in a magazine for teens.

Sydney-based designer Tania Gnecchi makes incredibly feminine and elegant jewellery. Simple, honest and very gentle, her pieces are real works of art. How difficult is it to design jewellery? How do you find your niche in the business? Do you still dream of becoming a jewellery designer but don’t know how to start? We hope that our interview with Tania will inspire you to launch a new startup.

What do you know about Milan? In a few words: fashion, design, incredible Italian gastronomy, Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, and the Duomo di Milano. But we will let you in on a little secret: Milan is a real pleasure to explore. But first, go to these four museums to enjoy Italian art and history. It’s a real feast for the eyes and an inspiration for your mind! All these museums are located in the center of Milan, so you can combine visiting them with the other main attractions and even shopping.

Of course we all know about the most important galleries and museums in Paris: the famous Louvre, the Musee Rodin, the Musee d'Orsay, the Centre Georges Pompidou. You could spend day after day looking at world-class collections of painting, sculpture, photography. But what if you have already seen all of that including the Eiffel Tower, Montmarte, the Panthéon, L'hôtel national des Invalides and the Arc De Triomphe and have only one free day in Paris? Jump on the metro early in the morning and check out these five places!

"Jotaka" is a Spanish Illustrator who creates cute and pretty illustrations using colored textured paper. In ordinary life his name is Juan Carlos, and he lives in Valencia, Spain. All his works are unique, each has its own style, and the characters in his illustrations are very optimistic and funny. The technique of this artist's work is quite simple: he cuts out the paper elements of a new composition and pastes them on top of each other, creating a collage. We were very curious to know a little bit more about him.

When it comes to filming a scene, it's not just about visual effects, it's about setting a tone, a rhythm, about the mood, which can catch the viewer. The films of Octavi Royo do just that. His short movies are interwoven visual and sonic tapestries of texture, sound, and moments, raising important and critical questions. Octavio grew up in Barcelona and has always had a strong affinity for documentary films, and has recently made a name for himself as a travel and documentary filmmaker. Currently his professional portfolio includes more than 15 short documentary films, which he has shot during his travels through India, Sri Lanka, and Colombia. His documentaries uncover and explore not just stories, but moments in time that are so emotionally driven that we cannot help but fall in love with the nature and people revealed in them. Traveling the world with a camera, filming exotic locales and meeting interesting people sounds great. But what is the reality of documentary filmmaking?

Have you ever dreamed of making cartoons? Becoming part of this exciting and magical process? Most likely Yes, in your childhood, when you were the right age to watch Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, or The Lion King. The fantastic world of Disney is always breathtaking, inspiring, and impressive to the imaginations of not only children but also adults. What if your dream came true and you got a job at the Walt Disney Animation Studio? We ask Sunmee Joh a young story artist for Walt Disney.

Why is the profession of fashion Illustrator so popular these days? Where can you study this profession? What is the future for a fashion Illustrator? We interviewed six young fashion illustrators from around the world - Gizem Kazancıgil, Sunny Gu, Anna Halarewicz, Stephanie Surtida, Roberto Sánchez, and Juliane Hennes and asked them about six important issues!

This week we prepared for you 6 documentary movies about photography. It is our effort to help inspire you as a photographer, and help you to learn more about the craft. There’s some truly fantastic artists featured in this list. Enjoy.

Andrey Petranin is an illustrator from Moscow who wasn't afraid to turn his childhood dream into reality, and to transform a common hobby into his profession. At the present time his pencil drawings with a humorous undertone are telling us the most incredible stories, depicting unreal creatures and ludicrous situations.

The first thing you need to know about Brittani LimaOsorio - she is self-taught in the world of doll making. It's hard to believe, looking at the pictures of her creations, which are stunningly life-like. She started sculpting in 2008 nothing about doll making. And now her dolls created from special mix of professional polymer clays, and painted with Genesis permanent heat-set paints are quite well-known. We asked her how to turn talent into a small own business and really enjoy what you're doing.

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