December is the month of holidays. Around the world, the various winter holidays may seem to bear no resemblance to each other, but they all focus on honoring togetherness and praising the individual countries' cultures. What are they, and how are they celebrated?

Life doesn’t always break just right for little cubs, and no wonder that sometimes they are left on their own too early to manage without their moms. Here are some unusual combinations of cross-adopting within the animal species and what kind of growing up it brings.

Welcome to a paradise on its own - The most gorgeous spectacular hotel views that you can imagine. Here are some of the top hotel rooms you would want to be pampered in, on your travels with views that will take your breath away. Get ready and check out our gallery.

For as long as anyone can remember, cats have walked among the columns of the ancient sites of Rome. Even today, you will meet fury feline animals almost everywhere in the city.

Nicholas Hilliard was the first great native-born English painter of the Renaissance. Hilliard portrayed almost the whole of Queen Elizabeth the First’s entourage, so his art was essentially aristocratic. He specialized in painting miniatures of members of the Tudor court. He had a workshop where he designed portraits, miniatures, decorative paintings, and woodcuts.

Treats for dogs. The excellent ideas that dog loving folks  can come up with is interesting.

A labyrinth represents a mix of roads, some of which are dead-end; blind roads among which we should choose in order to come to the center of an unusual spider web. The maze allows us access the center via a kind of initiation journey and prevents access to those who do not deserve it, as confirmed by its connection to the cave. In that sense, I would compare the labyrinth with a mandala that sometimes looks like a maze.

If you are a fan of art, especially modern art, then you might want to check out these famous museums if you happen to be in one of the cities where they are located. Modern art is art’s fight against the mainstream and against photography and film - that is why it usually goes into abstraction or is represented in many different ways and forms. It is always interesting to see something new that you may or may not like but that will never leave you feeling indifferent. And you will under no circumstance experience indifference at these museums.

Have you ever visited Russia, or if not, how much do you know about the country?  Russia is really fascinating, and you can get acquainted with its culture without actually visiting it.

When you think about the cultures of different countries, you definitely consider their literature, music, architecture, food, symbols, and customs. But did you know that many extraordinary cultural traits that can be spotted... during weddings? Here are five interesting examples of unique wedding rituals from countries around the globe.


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