Interview with Vitaly Lopota, the ex-president and chief designer at the S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”, the prime developer and contractor of the Russian manned spaceflight program.

«I came here to tell you a story about what happens when some people coordinate and love deeply what they do, even in times that not everything is rosy, they can achieve something. I would like to end my talk with a favorite quote from Kazantzakis “It is my duty, and mine alone to save the earth if it is not saved, then I alone am to blame.»

When she met with Obama in October 2013 she didn’t hesitate to bring up the fatal casualties of the drone strikes in Pakistan and accuse him for fueling terrorism. In 2013 she wrote a letter to the International Marxist Tendency stating that socialism is the only answer to bigotry and exploitation. In her speech to the United Nations News Assembly she called all the people to not forget that million others are suffering from poverty and injustice and ignorance. At the same time in an interview to the BBC’s reporter Andrew Marr on October 2013 she said that “the name of Islam, the name of Taliban and the name of Pashtun has been misused and abused by the Taliban. It does not mean that all Pakistani and all Muslims are the terrorists.”

Moving to a small transitional country which is lying in a different continent is a big challenge, but Thiago Ferreira, a enthusiastic young Brazilian, shows that nothing is impossible when one has a will, plan, and does that with love.

 It’s been three months since the Syrian refugee Doaa Al Zamel was rescued by a Greek vessel after the boat that she was travelling in was deliberately rammed in the Mediterranean Sea. She and another 500 immigrants had left from an Egyptian port on 6th of September with the hope of finding a better life in Europe. Doaa was one of only 11 people who managed to survive 3 nights in the water, struggling to stay afloat while carrying an 18-month-old baby girl throughout the ordeal. The little girl’s mother had entrusted her to Doaa just before she died.

David Brown, a leader of Brazzaville musical band, shared with us his recipe of simple human happiness – to look aside at times from our iPhones and think about other people.


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