Man calls 911 over 28-year-old son’s messy bedroom or hypnotist accidentally hypnotises himself in the mirror for five hours. How often this kind of absurdity things happen? Mario Chromy an academically trained artist, loves collecting the news about everyday life that particularly inspire him in his daring artistic exploits.

We are continue to introduce you winning projects of Youth Time previous events. Urban Jaksa created the “Team of Friendship”, which takes on the difficult but important task of establishing and strengthening the connection between young people from the EU and Russia.

Miloš Zeman is the 3rd President of the Czech Republic, who has been elected for the first time by the nationwide voting. He has held the Presidential office since March 2013. The clamorous corruption scandal which occurred during his Presidency resulted in early elections to the lower house of the Czech Parliament. From 1993 to 2001, Zeman was the leader of the Czech Social Democratic Party. Under his leadership, the weak and poorly managed organization has developed into one of the most influential political forces in the country. Zeman is an author of the biographical book called “How I made mistakes in politics” (Jak jsem se mýlil v politice) that was published in 2005 during the period of his withdrawal from active social life.

Fred Burks served for eighteen years as a high level translator for several American Presidential administrations specializing in Indonesian and Mandarin Chinese. Following 9/11 and the advent of the global War on Terror he became recognized as a crucial asset in the Bush administrations’ dealings with Indonesia, the worlds’ most populous Muslim country.

In today’s highly competitive job market, with an excess of capable candidates, people tend to turn to experts for advice on how to nail a job interview or how to be a good team leader. Hardly anyone could be a better expert in the field than a person who has gone from zero to hero. One of them is Ivelina Georgieva from Bulgaria, who studied in the United States and now resides and works in Prague.

It’s no longer so easy to impress the crowd with just ordinary paintings or sculptures. Show me something different. If you haven’t seen these seemingly impossible to create carvings on the graphite of a pencil yet, then right now you have a perfect chance to finally be impressed by something extraordinary.


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