Driverless cars are going to be the order of the day. Be it Tesla, Apple, Uber, Google, or the traditional car makers, the race is on. Think of the convenience. First of all, not having to learn how to drive and then being able to do what you want while being driven automatically to your destination. No steering wheel and no pedals.

Let’s face it: wasting food is not benefitting anyone. It is not only bad for the environment and unethical, but also bad for your wallet. Need some tips on how to become a sustainable consumer? We have collected five of the most important ones to help you keep your meals free from waste.

Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food get lost or wasted annually around the globe. In a world where one in nine people suffers from chronic undernourishment, these numbers should not only shock but should cause an immediate reaction. Read on to discover some of the inspiring initiatives that aim to tackle the problem of food waste.

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