Whenever you plan a trip to a new city as a tourist and you don't read tips and tricks about how not to be cheated by locals in stores, taxis, or restaurants before arriving - you expose yourself to the danger posed by “tourist traps”, as they are often called. The beautiful city of Prague – with a language relatively unfamiliar to non-Slavic speakers and with its own currency – is no exception, so here is our short list of the things you should be aware of when in Prague.

It’s not just about relocation. A global mobility consultant does a lot more. She or he looks after the clients and the employees needs and requirements, assists in the process of relocation and manages a whole gamut of areas including sometimes recommending and managing salaries and further relocation or repatriation. With our world becoming a global village, the need for such consultants is on the rise with employees being relocated from and to different parts of the world.

What a job to have - sitting all day long, doing what you might have been doing for fun otherwise. That is what being a Video Game Tester is about. But there is only one tiny hitch – you actually are the video game´s fan. How it is in reality? Scroll down and find out.

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