We try to eat vegetables and fruits grown in environmentally friendly conditions, buy natural cosmetics, and we do not like synthetic clothes. So why not stick to eco-principles, not only in the matter of caring for yourself, but also for the space you live in? Let’s say, for the garden?

Copyright infringement is not a new concept, however, with the dawn of social media, it is possible for ordinary people to break copyright law without even knowing it! Read further to learn more.


There is no place like home and we all know that even a small room, so long as it is OURS, can be our personal heaven. Home is the best place to rest or tuck ourselves away. There are plenty of good reasons to have it comfortable... At the same time, lets face it – with the prices of properties exploding many of us may have to make compromises. These 11 tricks though, will change any ordinary room into a bright little paradise.

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