For the past four years we had structure: school, work, and study. We had professors, mentors, and fellow students holding our hands along the path to our diplomas. Now most of us have moved back home and are on our own. Our clubs have new presidents, no more exams to study for, and we’re stuck with the sense that someone is going to come along to help us. The truth is, there is no guarantee that someone will.

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The UN estimates that the world's population grows every year and will reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Meanwhile, countries like China and India are switching their drinking habits from beer and spirits to wine.  These are just two explanations for the growth of wine consumption worldwide, with wine imports from traditional wine regions like France and Italy increasing year by year.  It is no surprise, therefore, that countries that have recently become large consumers of wine are making efforts to produce wine locally, giving rise to a growing need for people trained in the field. 
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After years-long consultations, ministers of home affairs and justice of the EU countries came to an agreement on common entrance and residency rules for non-EU students and researchers, which will significantly liberalize travel and mobility for young people from non-EU countries.

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There’s a quote which says that timing is everything, but that’s not always the case. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their dream jobs, but for those who don’t feel fulfilled yet, stay strong! Maybe you cannot afford to change your career or maybe you don’t want to destroy the perfect rhythm you’ve created. Benefits may count too especially if you have your habits and you don’t want to break them.

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Young people and the actual job market demonstrate that there is a need to meet the dreams and the wishes of both sides; if you look at the topic deeper you will find that the perfect (or almost perfect) balance occurs when the employer’s needs and the candidate’s skills line up.

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Change is a scary thing, especially if it involves your career. Many people get stuck in a career direction they dislike but refuse to make a change because they cannot overcome the fear of the unknown. If the paycheck is good and the office is close to home, why change your job, you may ask. If you are not appreciated enough or at all or if the work is mindless, if you spend most of your day surfing the Internet and you cannot wait to go home, you are in dire need of a career change. Here are some warning signs to watch for – they will tell you if it’s time to change your career or simply make some adjustments.

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This article is the last in a four part mini-series called ‘Become a Pro in the Hot Seat at the Job Interview’, prepared by Shea Ki founder of Upgrade My Interview™especially for YT magazine. This time you will find out what questions are important to ask yourself before you accept any job offers.

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Would you like start your career in the UN, but don't know how?  The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is a recruitment initiative for talented, highly qualified professionals to become an international civil servant with the United Nations Secretariat. It consists of an entrance examination and professional development programmes once successful candidates start their career with the UN.

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Working from home can be stressful for employers and distracting for employees. However, as long as managers hire accountable people who don’t fake-work, working from home is a win-win situation because trust breeds productivity. Here are the top five apps that help you become more productive and make sure you don’t fake-work.

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How to ace a job interview?  What does an employer want to see in a young job seeker?  Here are tips from an expert with over a decade of experience in developing and managing youth employment programs in the U.S. This article is the first in a four part mini-series called ‘Become a Pro in the Hot Seat at the Job Interview’, prepared by Shea Ki founder of Upgrade My Interview™especially for YT magazine.

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