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The Most Expensive Paintings

The lust for possessions is one of the hallmarks of the humankind. Some of the most treasured possessions are paintings. Whether these are coveted by the museums or the private collectors who sometimes hide the originals in their basements and display copies, is another matter. Let´s have a look at some of the most expensive paintings in the world and let us also remember the beauty.

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Art Or Forgery?

History is full of "ifs". What if the Archduke Franz Ferdinand had not been assassinated, what if Hitler had not come to power... And with just a slight shift in direction for Han van Meegeren, his name would have probably fallen into oblivion.

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When it comes to Albrecht Dürer, most will surely remember at least one of his works. His self-portrait, significantly reminding the viewer of Jesus, is one of the paintings that art books like to reproduce. Similarly it is with the famous engraving, Adam and Eve, from 1504, or the detailed depiction of a rabbit in watercolour – Young Hare – from 1502. In 1514, however, Dürer created a copperplate titled Melencolia I, which was immediately understood to be a masterpiece.

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When you look at the painting The Love Letter by Johannes Vermeer, the title, at first glance, seems contrived. The letter itself is just barely visible. As a matter of fact, the cittern – the musical instrument – in the woman´s hands seems to play a much more important role in this beautiful painting.

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German artist Cornelia Konrads has exhibited her work in many countries apart from Germany. Her works are unexampled, specific to  the locales she chooses, and possessed of a unique vibe which gives viewers the impression that they are suspended in the air. We are fortunate to have obtained an interview with her given her extremely busy schedule.

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It would be hard to find busier paintings than the works of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. His oil painting Netherlandish Proverbs, painted in 1559, can fill a lazy afternoon with a challenge to to identify 112 known – and who knows how many still undiscovered – proverbs that the master blended into a busy but well conceived composition.

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The Arnolfini Portrait, as the title states, was revolutionary in its time and fascinates to this day. The double portrait is not in the category of simple representational art. Instead, everything in the picture attracts the viewer’s attention to details which could be an important message or convey a meaning.

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TolfArte, the award-winning arts and crafts festival, celebrated its 13th anniversary last week. The most anticipated Italian party of the summer took place between the 4th and 6th August on the streets of Tolfa, a picturesque small town situated about 80 kilometers northwest of the Italian capital of Rome, in a spectacular setting made with recycled materials by artist Riccardo Pasquini.

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When it comes to Michelangelo Buonarroti, most would probably recall the frescoes of The Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City which is the official residence of the Pope. Quite plausibly, Michelangelo might have been a little stirred with this assignment, since he considered himself a sculptor and an architect, not a painter.  Work on Sistine Chapel was a personal struggle for him, not a joy. Despite that he created a masterpiece that is worthy of admiration.

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The historical masterpieces are full of symbols and hidden meanings. Since the circumstances of those times were generally not favourable towards open expression and also since the concepts of the paintings were practically dictated by the buyer, primarily The Church, the masters were forced to use their great diplomatic skills and tactics to imbed their messages surreptitously. There is no just one way to view the paintings. Although dictionaries of symbolism of different eras are available there still exists that intriguing possibility...there might be more to decipher.

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