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Life In Black And White

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While colour is the order of the day, black and white photos hold their own place and preference with many and have an exaggerated, dramatic quality about them due to the contrast they create. They also appear to have more of a personal atmosphere compared with colour photographs depending upon the photographer, the use of light, people and the objects.

Ask the photographers and they’ll tell you about the challenges of taking black and white photos mainly due to the light. Done right they are an art unto themselves. Everything matters apart from the light, including the exposure.

As accustomed to colour as we are we automatically give black and white photos a closer look and they leave the feeling that they have a timeless and an enduring appeal.

Photos are from Hurghada in Egypt / Photos: Dana xbone Hosova

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Martina Advaney

Martina is a designer with many years of experience, she writes articles on varied subjects and also conducts interviews.


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