15/6/2015 - 12:00 am

Few Tips On How To Learn Esperanto

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In part I of the Interview with an Esperantist Series, the brilliant Georgian Esperanto speaker Lasha Chakhunashvili talked to us about his involvement in the Esperanto movement from the very beginning and his motivations behind learning the language. Lasha also told us about the possible uses of Esperanto, particularly in his home country Georgia. In the second and last part of the Series, Lasha reveals the advantages of speaking Esperanto, the best methods to learn it and tells us why it might be the easiest language on earth.

Researcher Bob Godard made this statement in his book On the Way towards Change: Australian International Education. According to this expert, the greatest increase in the number of students should be expected in the developing countries. More than half of all graduates in 2025 will be immigrants from China and India.

David Brown, a leader of Brazzaville musical band, shared with us his recipe of simple human happiness – to look aside at times from our iPhones and think about other people.

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