Love isn't something that can be easily defined. Maybe it isn't even something that needs to be defined, only felt. Marie-Henri Beyle (better known by his pen name Stendhal), a 19th century French writer, wrote an interesting study called On Love. The book is written with an attempt to rationalize love, explain its mechanisms. Sounds crazy, but there are many things that haven't really changed since. Let's see how these patterns function, two centuries later.

Top 10 Rebellion Book

Prepare yourselves: after reading them you will be completely reassured of your rightness or you will have to reconsider some of your most basic convictions.      

Love reading but don’t have the time? Stop making excuses! Why not check out something new? Our rush for instant digital gratification should not stand in the way.

Here we have compiled a list of recommended books in a range of subjects that will get you started on your road to expertise, from drawing to quantum theory and from singing to running your own business.

From the first beads of philosophy such as Plato’s The Republic and Machiavelli’s Il Principe, to the finest works of the modern literature in the form of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, these finest pieces of ancient history serve us to this day in the different aspects of life – history, mathematics, medicine, law, and even in art. It is well known that the various of Mozart’s and Beethoven’s symphonies and rhapsodies help patients with all kinds of diseases heal better, not to mention they can significantly reduce stress of everyday life, work, exams, and all of the things that make us so anxious and nervous. But what many of us don’t know, is that philosophy could do just as much for us.

The editors of, have assembled a list of ten must-read modern fiction books written by Swedish authors. Swedish is one of the world’s ten most translated languages in this genre; and the authors are believed to be continuing the country’s literary tradition of criticizing the contemporary society through sublime methods of fiction. The list goes well beyond the bestseller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and offers an in-depth look at the present-day flourishing fictional literature of Sweden. Take a look!

Is reading more one of your New Year’s resolutions in 2015? Here’s our list of must-read books for this year!


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