This year, Mark Twain's masterpiece novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (read online for free) is celebrating the 130th anniversary of its publication. Ernest Hemingway said it was the best novel America has ever produced, and that all great American novels were inspired by it. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn offer us a meaningful story about life in 19th century Missouri, where the author himself spent most of his early years. It is a novel of great life lessons, and we have prepared a valuable list of ten for you. But, keep in mind the list could go on.

If you have an ambition to write, but you're feeling a bit lost or insecure, maybe you need a fresh perspective. A lot of talented writers are so full of self-doubt that they give up too easily, thinking they are just not good enough and cannot compete with other authors. The truth is, today's literature has become so diversified, with new genres, themes and styles, that there is a market for almost everything.

Today, we are witnessing the most massive wave of migrations since the end of the Second World War. There are serious political decisions at stake, and migration has truly become a contemporary global phenomenon that affects us all. In light of recent events, for this weekend’s reading - we recommend the 1943 essay We refugees, written by Hannah Arendt, a leading political theorist from the 20th century.

After our two architecture-literature themed essays (the first about the French poet Lamartine and the Skull Tower in Niš, and the second about Victor Hugo and his impressions of the Notre Dame church), we have another interesting book to recommend for your weekend reading. It is a 20th century novel called The Bridge on the Drina, written by the Yugoslavian author and Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andrić. Andrić created a great metaphor about the bridge and its significance, which he began to develop in his essay Bridges, published in 1933.  

Federico Garcia Lorca, 20th century Spanish artist and poet, gave lectures and speeches (which are preserved in written form and could be considered essays) about the deep songs of Andalusia - Cante Jondo (read online), and his own concept of duende (read online). Both of these notions are deeply carved into the Spanish identity. Spanish people, especially artists, are well known for their fiery and vivid temperament, as well as for the deeply moving art they create or perform. Given the fact that the Youth Time Global Forum is being held in Barcelona this year, why not try exploring Lorca's beautiful ideas about the true essence of the Spanish soul?

There are books that you should definitely read more than once. You can enjoy them all over again, but more importantly – you can find a deeper meaning in them. Words echo differently when you reread them after a few years. We have prepared a list of five books, typically considered children’s books, but actually so layered that they can provide you with universal truths.

It is the eternal discussion: was the book better than the movie or the other way around?  There are advantages to both art forms.  Books give you the freedom to create your own images, while movie adaptations grab your attention with visual effects and skillful photography.  Reading implies a certain solitude and has an intimate quality, while going to a motion picture theater is an intrinsically social activity.  All these factors influence our impressions of novels and movies.  Here are five literary works that are definitely better than the movies that were based on them.

People enjoy scary stories because of the excitement: the adrenaline rush is strong, and nothing makes you feel more peaceful than realizing that you are safe and sound and your fear isn't real, it was just fiction after all.  The final experience of reading a horror story leads to feeling purified: after the terrible adventure comes tranquility, because it's all over.  So, if you are a fan of this kind of fiction, consider these five books.

Books offer us different worlds and make us engage in alternative realities. If you're not traveling anywhere this year, but you're still longing for adventure, try taking a journey by reading some of these five adventure books, one fiction, four non-fiction. Their worlds will take you miles away, without making you actually move.

Words have this mysterious power. They can be seductive; they can make us physically react: our hearts can pound stronger and faster, our pupils dilate, we might feel nervous or excited. When it comes to courting, it can be considered as a perplexed game of communication. It's not just what you say: it's making sure the timing is right and adding a bit of charm to it. It's also about body language, and confidence too. Do you think you have what it takes to give a different, modern twist to these ten quotes from classic literature, and use them as your pick up lines?


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