Argentina, though the economy has been doing poorly over the last few years there is no denying the fact that it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the land of music and dance including where Tango originated and a country where the people know life is about having fun.

For the traveling tip of today we´ve chosen places that have an impressive geometry about themselves, no matter if it is by natural means or created by humans. Check out our gallery.

Do you like traveling and discovering new places? For extraordinary travel experiences, here is a list of places that are so peculiar that you won´t believe they actually exist on this planet.

In last week’s article in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series, we stepped away from the dry lands of our planet and plunged into the rivers, seas and oceans that cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface.

Towns are bigger than villages, cities larger than towns and countries stands above the cities - some countries though, are so small, that they would easily fit within a largish village. Which are the smallest countries? Check it out here.

Where Not To Plan Holiday

Exactly the opposite of the best beaches to visit – which we listed in an earlier article – the following beaches should be reconsidered carefully before planning a holiday on them. Check out the particulars.

In the past few weeks, Leigh Woods, Project Manager at Youth Time has introduced you to some of the most iconic species of mammals that walk the planet. So far, we’ve already taken a closer look at the bears, big cats, and great apes of this world, but now we step away from the dry lands comprising 30% of the Earth's surface and take a plunge into the deep blue.

With the anniversary of the end WWII we take a virtual trip to some of the most significant memorials of the second world war. Make a different kind of a visit to places that will always be witness to the tragic happenings.

The idea of connecting two places using a bridge must have taken a different meaning when you see these bridges. Sure, they join two places but a trip on them might cause you bit of a head spin. Check out the most scary bridges.

Following on from the first two articles of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them where we took a closer look at the bears and big cats of our world, Leigh Woods, Project Manager at Youth Time and wildlife boffin introduces us to our closest living relatives – the great apes!


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