Youth today is raised in a society that teaches us to study hard so that we can find a good job and work hard so that we can live well. Most people go through this stressful cycle day by day – but not everyone agrees that this is what life should be like.

Christmas season in Europe has officially started. Hundreds of markets, catering to every taste and every wallet, fill the Old World. This year we offer a look behind the curtain of the tourist industry and travel to the towns and villages where the Christmas markets are held for locals and the Christmas spirit is celebrated with something beyond hard currency in mind.

People visit foreign countries for many reasons. Some like to relax on a sandy beach, some prefer to enjoy nature, and some seek to explore a different culture. There are also those who are interested in visiting sites of great historical importance. Even if you are not one of these people, you can be sure that, after reading this article, you will take away an interest in the top five places in Europe, and maybe even in the whole world, where the fates of nations were decided.

Many have travelled to this land of sharp contrasts, from The Beatles to Steve Jobs, in search of creative freedom – and have found it. Even perennially swamped businesspeople have stayed on after what was supposed to be a weeklong trip to India, for several months, even a year. I know someone who decided to make a dash for India, having never been before, immediately after the crisis, and he travelled around on a month’s savings for six months. He would share this valuable piece of advice: don't plan and don’t book anything in advance because with some Indian cities, you want to get out of there as soon as possible, whereas with others, you want to stay on for an undetermined period of time. And as the county’s tourist slogan ‘Incredible India’ suggests, its first impression is guaranteed to shock.


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