In the past few years, Leigh Woods, Project Manager at Youth Time International Movement has been exploring the globe with hopes of experiencing close encounters with its most weird and wonderful creatures. While many individuals' bucket lists contain activities such as bungee jumping and mountain climbing, Leigh’s lifelong dream was to dive with one of the most feared creatures ever to inhabit the planet.

Today we are going to Old Serbia – a region known in the past as Rashka and now called Sandzak. This is a part of Serbia that is frequently overlooked, and definitely underrated as a tourist area. Rashka/Sandzak has a very rich history and culture, and an alluring multiculturalism. It is the heartland of the oldest Slavic state in the Balkans and the oldest Serbian principality. It is also home to the Bosniak ethnic minority, one of the largest ethnic minorities in Serbia. This region is 70% populated by Bosniaks, who are Muslims of Slavic origin and the descendants of the Slavs who converted to Islam during the period of Ottoman rule over the Balkans (14th-20th centuries).

Volunteering has become an increasingly popular activity among globetrotters in the past decade. Whether looking to give something back to a good cause or simply having the desire to boost one’s resume, there are a wide variety of opportunities available. In this article, Leigh Woods, Project Manager at Youth Time provides insight into the murky world of wildlife volunteering. Through his extensive experience working with animals, he lends advice on how to avoid having your good intentions exploited in this progressively unreliable field. 

This article is written for aspiring wildlife photographers. In 2013, Leigh Woods, Project Manager at Youth Time International Movement packed up the comforts of a corporate lifestyle to pursue his passion. From the vast African savannahs to the dense jungles of Sri Lanka, he has travelled the globe in pursuit of some the most iconic animals to inhabit the planet. During his experience, he has captured thousands of wildlife images documenting species such as the elusive Asian leopard, the endangered mountain gorilla, and the ocean’s apex predator, the great white shark. In this article, Leigh provides insight into how to build a portfolio of beautiful wildlife photographs on a modest budget.

As the northern hemisphere finds itself rapidly approaching the holiday season, millions of tourists begin flocking toward popular travel destinations across the globe. Whether attracted by jaw-dropping scenery, rich culture, or exotic cuisine, most would agree that exploring new locations can help to broaden the mind and bring added enrichment into our lives. 

I can be quite a biased person when it comes to cities built on the water or in immediate proximity to it. I love water and everything it is associated with; however, it is one thing to come somewhere just for a couple of days as a tourist, but an entirely different thing to actually stay there for a long period of time and try to blend in. Amsterdam is a multi-faced and multicultural city that also dictates its own rules.


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